Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to help make legal practice a career lawyers recommend to their children.

Our mission is to help lawyers in their first five years of practice establish a strong foundation for a successful career in law. One that brings them satisfaction, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

So that together we can transform legal practice!

Why AMP?

Most lawyers in their initial years of practice and beyond are not getting the support and guidance needed for making the most of these crucial years of practice.

The result of this lack of support and guidance can be seen in the mental health challenges facing the profession and the departure of many talented young people from a career in law.

Mentorship alone doesn’t meet the challenge.

Yes, law firms and organizations such as the Canadian Bar Association offer mentorship programs, but one mentor is not enough.

Individual mentors don’t have all the answers, nor the capacity to provide a high volume of support. And if the mentor is an employer, this will impact what a junior lawyer will be comfortable sharing with them.

Do you...

What is AMP?

AMP brings together a constellation of coaches and mentors all focused on providing our members, lawyers in their initial one to five years of practice, with Coaching, Mentorship, Accountability, Community, and Education.

Joining AMP means you are no longer alone. We bring comprehensive support under one roof, by giving you access to a wide-ranging group of advisers and a network – so that when you need advice, you can trust that you’re getting experienced and insightful guidance and direction.

Our aim is to support each of our members with establishing a solid foundation for a successful legal career – however you define this. We created AMP because as coaches we are all deeply committed to helping transform the practice of law and we believe that junior and incoming members of the profession have what it takes to make this happen.

We also know many firms aren’t currently set up to offer comprehensive support to their junior lawyers and that partners are often too busy to provide a consistent degree of mentorship. AMP provides a full package of support at a fraction of the cost and effort it would take for you or your firm to pull together.

Is AMP for you?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, yes, AMP is for you:

If that sounds like you, we’d love to have you join us at AMP!

Don’t think you have enough time for AMP?

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