Allison Wolf, P.C.C.

Founder, LEAD Coach

AMP was founded by coach Allison Wolf in the summer of 2020 to meet the challenges she was seeing so many young lawyers experiencing. She soon realized that AMP could be better with more coaches, more mentors, and a bigger community.

AMP now brings together a constellation of lawyer coaches partnered with a top educator and support to team. Learn all about them here.

Allison Wolf is one of North American’s most senior coaches focused on the legal profession. She helps her lawyer clients from across North America develop thriving legal practices. Allison works with law firm associates, founders, partners, and in-house counsel on the many areas related to thriving in legal practice. Allison is a sought-after writer and presenter for law firms, legal organizations, and legal media. She was Co-Chair of the 2019 CLE Conference “Women Thriving in Law”.

“My goal for AMP? More than anything I want associates when they reach their fifth year of practice to have established a rock-solid foundation for continued growth. I no longer want to see associates stuck in areas of practice that aren’t a fit, or in firms that aren’t supportive, or without having developed the profile, credentials and abilities that are instrumental for thriving in legal practice.”

Kathryn McNaughton, Ph.D., C.E.C., A.C.C.

Director of Education and AMP Coach

Kathryn is the adult learning expert ensuring that the educational component of AMP is impactful, engaging, and fun.

An award-winning leader, coach, and former Vice President of a large post-secondary educational institution, Kathryn is a highly experienced educator and organizational planner who has designed and taught a variety of diploma and degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. As a coach, she is known for intuitive questioning that leads her clients to breakthrough insights.

Robert De Toni

AMP Coach

Rob is a litigation lawyer with over 25 years in practice in both small and medium-sized firms. Recognizing the value that coaching provided to him, Rob decided to become a professional coach and obtained both his Certified Executive Coaching Certificate and his Certified Resilience Coaching Certificate. As a lawyer and a coach, Rob is uniquely positioned to help new lawyers set the foundation for thriving in their legal careers. Rob’s philosophy: “Being intentional about planning from the very outset will ensure you are the puppeteer of your career and not the puppet.”

Karmen Masson, PCC, LL.B., B.A.

AMP Coach

Karmen is described as a person who “brings out the best in you”. She brings over 20 years of experience in private and public sector practice combined with senior management and leadership roles in law. At the height of her legal career, she had two children, led the development of a charitable organization and instructed law at the post-secondary level. While some called her “Superwoman”, she is not shy to say that she learned a lot the hard way and had to redefine what success meant to her. Since becoming a certified coach in 2017, she loves to help lawyers step into their potential, and create practices and careers that they define as meaningful and successful.

Erin Peters

AMP Coach

Erin has long believed in the power of groups to support personal change. Over her 20+ years of professional experience, she is both a veteran participant and seasoned leader of small-group workshops which facilitate self-discovery, self-confidence, and relevant skills development. In her coaching role, she seeks to create a safe, accepting, sometimes challenging and sometimes playful space in which to explore the “constant invitation to be who we are” (Thoreau).

Erin is an accredited psychotherapist, former lawyer, and trainer based in Vancouver, BC. She holds an LLB, an LLM, an MSc in Psychotherapy. She runs a private psychotherapeutic counselling practice and works to support the mental health and wellbeing of lawyers and others.

Lora McInturf

AMP Coach

Lora is a former business and finance lawyer having worked in BigLaw firms on two continents. When Lora was an early career lawyer, she experienced many of the familiar challenges of the legal profession (including high pressure, perfectionism, dealing with difficult people, stress, self-doubt, work-life balance, overwhelming expectations, and more). Today, as the executive coach behind The Inner Advocate®, she now works with lawyers and other successful professionals around the world on many of these same challenges. At the heart of Lora’s coaching approach is “To change the results in your outer world, you must first put focus on your inner world.” By courageously working on yourself and your challenges, you can discover and walk your own unique life path that feels more authentic, free, and fulfilled, both professionally and personally. Lora is thrilled to join AMP and today’s early career lawyers proactively shaping not only their careers but also their lives.

Janiene Chand

AMP Coach

Janiene has over 12 years of experience in the legal field. During this time, she worked as a legal assistant, a paralegal, and a lawyer. She was called to the bar in 2018, and as a junior lawyer, encountered many challenging experiences. This led Janiene to becoming a certified professional life coach. She decided to utilize her own experiences to support and provide guidance to other new lawyers. As a lawyer and coach, Janiene believes in “living a life anchored with alignment and empowerment.”

Sharon King

Digital Marketing

Sharon is AMP’s Digital Marketing Support specialist. She has 25+ years of technical experience working in the Web Development and Digital Marketing fields.

Her professional experience as a Quality Assurance Analyst, Web Developer, and Email Marketing Specialist allows her to handle and support many areas of AMP’s online marketing activities.

Trish Kimble

Project Coordinator

Trish is our AMP ball juggler.

Trish brings to AMP over 30 years’ administrative experience. She is a Certified Administrative Professional with an organizational management speciality (CAP-OM). She has extensive project coordination experience including planning, budgeting, scheduling, contractor liaison, communication and more. Her professional career has included all levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal and regional) as well as health care, debt management, financial, and now legal services.

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