Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll win back some free time by creating and implementing practice management strategies for upping attention and reducing distraction.

You’ll save more time and energy by having easy access to coaches and mentors with answers to the questions that are keeping you stuck.

You’ll have a finite list of ideas to implement, so you won’t get trapped in an endless cycle of adding “just one more thing” to your plate… and you’ll know exactly what the investments you are making mean for your practice, thanks to your personalized strategy and the input from the coach and mentors.

But AMP isn’t just about giving you a list of to-dos and some personalized support. It’s also about connecting and building relationships with other associates like you, who are proactive, intelligent, and willing to share ideas, solutions and lessons to help each other move forward.

The community component of AMP is just as important for your success as the accountability, coaching, mentorship, and educational training sessions.


The AMP program was founded by a coach and designed to give you support throughout the year with touch base emails, coach office hours, accountability and helpful feedback. Our aim at AMP is not to teach you what to do. We want to teach you how to *know* what to do, and how to *take action*. Strategic thinking, resilience and a proactive mindset are key traits for any legal professional and your accountability-focused AMP coaching reflects that.

Coaching in AMP is with your cohort in the group sessions that take place each month. You can also reach out to your coach for immediate private support by email or messaging during the program. One-to-one coaching is also available for private coaching sessions throughout the year.


We provide access to a wide range of mentors including associates, partners, research lawyers, in-house counsel, and counsellors. These mentors have all had rich experience not simply in their areas of practice but also navigating a variety of career transitions. What they have in common is a keen interesting in supporting the development of their younger colleagues and in sharing what they have learned over the course of their careers. You can learn more about our mentors and read their profiles below.


How much accountability support you want is up to you. All members will receive weekly check-ins from the coaches and the office hours and monthly gatherings create a routine for giving your professional development and practice your energy and attention.


Working with our academic adviser we have developed a list of topics that we will explore in depth with you throughout the year.

We approached this curriculum as though we were building a rock-solid foundation brick by brick for your legal practice. It touches on what we know is essential to a thriving legal career. This foundation includes: leadership, mindsets, resilience, practice management, finance, negotiation, communication skills, business development, career planning and more. We will also touch on other topics such as strategies for multi-generational firms.

Each AMP member will have the opportunity to develop their own personal plan to help keep them focused and on track with advancing their priorities throughout the year.

Lawyers in their initial years of practice.

The AMP membership is divided into small groups of ten or fewer lawyers. Each group is led by one coach. We aim to group with similar years of experience together as needs and interests can change between the years of practice.

Registration is ongoing. Once joining, associates are assigned a coach and placed into one of the small groups.

AMP delivers core curriculum education sessions through recorded and interactive events monthly, plus additional training opportunities throughout the year. Coaching hours with the coach are also held twice a month on weekdays. Each coach works with her cohort to choose a regular meeting day of the week and time that will generally work for the members. In addition, members attend one-to-one coaching sessions with their coaches at a time that works best for both the member and the coach.

Many curriculum events will be recorded, members will get the biggest benefit in attending live.

Yes! There will be more than 20 CPD credits over the year. We seek CPD credits from the Law Society of BC, except for sessions where we discuss marketing related topics as they do not qualify for credit.

We also work with members from other provinces or the US with obtaining CPD credit in their jurisdiction.

The AMP program is one year because there is a lot to talk about. Establishing a foundation for a flourishing legal career is a big project. We AMP coaches and mentors need a year with our members to share what we know, and you need time to try things out, shift mindset, ask questions and learn, because unlike a university program you are a practicing lawyer and that is going to already be taking a lot of your time!

Also, community is a BIG part of AMP and that takes time to build. Trust takes time to establish and deepen. A year gives the community enough time to take root.

There can be a variety of reasons why an associate might need to pause or discontinue membership, and so there is not one single answer to this question. This program is designed around the specific goal of giving you a solid foundation for your developing legal practice, and having a year to accomplish this is important. When you sign up, it is important you do so with this one-year commitment in mind. AND we will work with any member who needs to pause or leave the program to arrange a solution that they are satisfied with. This program is built around serving the needs of junior associates so we will make it work for you if you have to leave before a year is up!

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