The AMP Advantage

AMP is the answer to the associate mentorship challenge that law firms are facing

AMP is a one-year group program that provides a supportive community of lawyer coaches, mentors, and colleagues collaborating to provide learning, mentoring, and coaching opportunities for the junior lawyers involved.

How does AMP help law firms?

Partners have an enormous amount of work and responsibility. Providing supervision and feedback to juniors on legal work already takes a significant amount of time.

AMP shifts the burden of mentorship and professional development off the shoulders of individual partners and provides a top-of-class professional development, mentorship, and group coaching experience for the junior lawyers taking part.

Note: With seven coaches AMP is able to serve both firms with one associate or firms with multiple associates.

Education & Training

AMP members can attend interactive education sessions and training opportunities offered during the year, and listen to monthly recorded education sessions when it fits their schedule.

Group Coaching

Members attend twice-monthly office hours with the coach for group coaching sessions.

One-to-One Coaching

Members attend 3 private coaching sessions with their coach to discuss personalized plans for their professional development.

Weekly Check-Ins

The coach has weekly check-ins with members and the private online forum provides a confidential space for engaging with each other online.


AMP brings together a group of mentors, all excelling in their fields of law, to support the members. The current team of mentors come from all sizes of firms, areas of practice, and include in-house counsel. The team of mentors is growing with new mentors coming on board all the time


One of the most important aspects of AMP are the supportive bonds that are formed between the members. We encourage this through the warm, respectful, and confidential atmosphere that is maintained in all group gatherings. AMP members are encouraged to reach out to one another one-to-one also. The AMP membership is dived into cohorts. Cohorts are limited in size to 20 members. The group meetings all include breakout sessions for small group discussions. This further contributes to the development of close relationships among members of a cohort.


The AMP curriculum provides junior lawyers with the skills, strategies and mindsets for establishing a flourishing career in law.

We have built the curriculum around three themes:

Collectively, the AMP coaches bring to this training over a hundred years of professional experience.

CPD credits, including credits for ethics and professionalism, will be sought for all qualifying educational sessions in AMP member jurisdictions.

In the last year curriculum has included:

Mindsets for flourishing in legal practice

Strategies for navigating change and the learning curve

Resilience boosting practices

Building confidence

Practice management essentials

Beating procrastination

Assertive communication, how to handle difficult conversations

Introduction to the business of law including billing structures, compensation systems, and how to build a sustainable and profitable legal practice

Legal marketing and business development

Client service and client management

Financial planning

Building your personal business plan

Legal research best practices

Mediation advocacy

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Curriculum is also focused on practical steps for individual lawyers and law firms to do legal practice better. We are alert to emerging trends transforming legal practice and bring these forward in our AMP education events and coach office hours discussions.

The twice-monthly repeated training sessions do not follow a classroom format. Each session introduces a topic and features a highly interactive discussion between AMP members, guest mentors, and coaches. Some sessions include a breakout session for small group discussion and networking between members.

The Investment

What AMP offers compared to law firm mentorship programs and how the cost compares.

The cost of the program is low to make it accessible for all. For $3500, an associate receives twelve months of support, monthly training sessions eligible for CPD credits, and more than 42 hours of engagement with mentors and coaches over the year.


  • Exposure to multiple mentors from a variety of firms and practice areas.
  • Number of mentors available for each associate to connect with
  • Dedicated coach
  • Weekly check-ins with associate
  • Number of hours of firm or partner time
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Hours of educational content
  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • CPD Credits (will vary according to jurisdiction)


  • Yes
  • 14+
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Zero
  • 24
  • 20+
  • 3
  • 18+

Firm Mentorship Programs

  • No
  • 1
  • No
  • No
  • 6 to 8 hours
  • Zero
  • Zero
  • Zero
  • N/A

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