Why AMP?

Most lawyers in their initial years of practice and beyond are not getting the support and guidance needed for making the most of these crucial years of practice.

The result of this lack of support and guidance can be seen in the mental health challenges facing the profession and the departure of many talented young people from a career in law.

Mentorship alone doesn’t meet the challenge.

Yes, law firms and organizations such as the Canadian Bar Association offer mentorship programs, but one mentor is not enough.

Individual mentors don’t have all the answers, nor the capacity to provide a high volume of support. And if the mentor is an employer, this will impact what a junior lawyer will be comfortable sharing with them.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to help make legal practice a career lawyers recommend to their children.

Our mission is to help lawyers in their first five years of practice establish a strong foundation for a successful career in law. One that brings them satisfaction, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

So that together we can transform legal practice!

Inside AMP, you'll accomplish more, and faster

You’ll win back some free time by creating and implementing practice management strategies for upping attention and reducing distraction.

You’ll save more time and energy by having easy access to coaches and mentors with answers to the questions that are keeping you stuck.

You’ll have a finite list of ideas to implement, so you won’t get trapped in an endless cycle of adding “just one more thing” to your plate… and you’ll know exactly what the investments you are making mean for your practice, thanks to your personalized strategy and the input from the coach and mentors.

But AMP isn’t just about giving you a list of to-dos and some personalized support. It’s also about connecting and building relationships with other associates like you, who are proactive, intelligent, and willing to share ideas, solutions and lessons to help each other move forward.

The community component of AMP is just as important for your success as the accountability, coaching, mentorship, and educational training sessions.

Don’t think you have enough time for AMP?

Here’s what AMP members say…

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